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Where was 'The Great' filmed?

Where was 'The Great' filmed?

Deadpan, dark and somewhat slapstick, The Great takes the story of Catherine the Great to places you might not have imagined – though knowing it’s the work of Tony McNamara, co-writer of Yorgos Lanthimos’s The Favourite, helps to locate the tone. In The Great, we see its endless façade, the sweeping marble staircase and theatre inside, and the considerable gardens, including its five monumental fountains. Style & Culture Where is ‘Bridgerton’ filmed? Style & Culture Where was the 'The Crown' filmed? The best film and TV dramas filmed in BritainAdvertisementThe best film and TV dramas filmed in Britain Style & Culture The best film and TV dramas filmed in Britain10 castles you can rent in the UK and Ireland

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